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Maine Cedar Hot Tubs, Inc

Maine Cedar Hot tubs are Handcrafted right here in Central Maine. They only build Cedar tubs and are committed to building the absolute best. All the tubs are available in a traditional format with natural Cedar surfaces on both the interior and exterior of the tub. They currently offer three standard tub lines: Wood-fired Tubs, Conventional Tubs and Spas and Exercise Tubs. They are all available in a variety of sizes and with features to enrich any lifestyle. Regardless of the size or model, or the features that you select, each tub we build is assembled to the same exacting standards.
For those who have never had experience with a Cedar Hot Tub, the question most often asked is, “Are wooden Tubs really practical?” Technically speaking, Cedar’s aesthetic appeal is just a bonus. Cedar is a time tested, natural material that has proven ideal for constructing hot tubs. Its special properties have been known for hundreds of years and were revered by generations of coopers who used it to construct water storage tanks and silos. The first hot tubs in America were made from either Cedar or Redwood and many people believe the best ones still are. The wood is light in weight but strong in service. When Cedar is shaped or moulded the resulting surfaces are smooth and splinterless. When it is machined and fabricated into a container for water, it is self-sealing. Dry Cedar feels delicate to the touch; wet Cedar feels silky and luxurious. Cedar is durable because it is infused as it grows with natural preservatives that make it resistant to rot and decay. This durability is frequently demonstrated to us as we are often called upon to refit existing tubs with modern equipment. Some of the tubs that we have updated have been 40 to 50 years old and appear, after refitting, to be ready for several more decades of service. Cedar is also an excellent insulator which, in the context of hot tubs, is a very desirable trait. More insulation means less heat loss; so we build our tubs with sidewalls and floors that are 1 ¾ inches thick, 40% thicker than the 1 ¼ inch material found in most competing brands. One of our tubs, with a properly fitted thermal cover, loses very little heat even during our harsh New England winters. When compared with fiberglass or acrylic tubs of equal capacity, the superior thermal characteristics of cedar will nearly always translate into lower operating costs.

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