Haunted Hayride



As you may know the biggest fall tourism promotion for the SACC is the Haunted Hayrides. After taking a year off, we are once again bringing this great event back. This event brings in hundreds of our community members to have a fun time, while raising some funds to keep our Chamber going.

One reason for the success is the diverse scene choices that are made annually by the volunteers who participate. With walking portions there are more areas than ever to utilize and we can make most any scene work. New scenes are the lifeblood of the event, as people want to see what is new and different, so this is a great opportunity. Maybe this is the year that you want to encourage your staff to get involved with making a scene for the Haunted Hayrides? The 2018 event falls on Friday & Saturday nights October 26 & 27 at the Skowhegan Fairground. The rides run from 5:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.

As the Old adage goes “Those that scare together care together”, so if you really care about Halloween and fun, then this event is perfect! Also, it’s a great way to help support the Skowhegan Area Chamber of Commerce. There are cash prizes for the top-three voted scenes and it’s an unforgettable experience. If you can’t think of a scene, we can help with that too, as we have a quick action team that meets throughout the fall to do planning and they always come up with new, inventive ideas. Additionally, with 10-15 scenes or more, 4-5 wagons, tickets and concession sales, we need about 50 volunteers per night to make the event a success, so if some employees would rather not be scaring, there is always a role we can find for someone to play.

Another option is to help sponsor the hayrides. Sponsorship’s help us get some start-up money for the event, allowing us to invest in special lighting & Costumes to make the “tricks that treat” come alive, and it goes towards other event necessities like insurance. With hundreds of families attending every year, this event is a great way to get your company name associated with one of the biggest non-school, family-enjoyed events of the year.

For scene, sign-up sheets please fill out the Business Scene section of the enclosed form. If you are interested in sponsoring, please return the Sponsorship section of the form enclosed. Let us know if you have other questions and have an outstanding fall season.

Haunted Hayride Sponsorship for 2018

The premiere haunted event in Somerset County is back and looking to break our record-breaking attendance of the past few years!  We have had between 900 and 1,200 riders over the two-night event over the past years, this year we are shooting for 1,500!  Many families make the hayrides a regular destination annually and now is your chance to get your business noticed! Sponsorship’s allow for more advertising, more equipment, fake blood, lights and sounds to make the event that much spookier.  If you are a business that relies on families as a key demographic, and most of you fall into that category, then check out the reasonable sponsorship rates below.

Level One – Lead Sponsor:                                                                                           $300.00

Mentions in all radio advertisements

A four-pack of free hayride tickets for you to give out, or use with your staff

On-site signage on display prominently in the concession area

Listed as a “lead sponsor” on all printed promotional materials including the flyers sent to the 1,800+ elementary and junior high school students

Mentions on online (via our website, Facebook pages, event pages, etc.)

Free booth in/near the concession area (optional- could be an exhibit booth if you wish)

Level Two- Participating Sponsor:                                                            $200.00

Name on all the flyers that go to every junior high and elementary school student in the area

Listed as a participating sponsor on any posters or other printed materials

On-site posters displaying your involvement

Mentions on online (via our website, Facebook pages, event pages, etc.)

Free booth in/near the concession area (optional- could be an exhibit booth if you wish)

Level Three- Goods and Services Sponsor:                                 For Negotiated In-Kind donations

Your company name/logo on our sponsorship signage (if confirmed by Oct. 1)

Mentions on posters on-site (if confirmed prior to Oct. 1)

Mentions on online (via our website, Facebook pages, event pages, etc.)

Level Four- Trailer Sponsor:                                                                                                        $50.00 (limit 2)

Your Banner/sign hung from the tractor or trailer, you must supply the Banner

Deadline Friday, September 28, 2018

To sign up e-mail us at admin@skowheganregion.com with your desired sponsorship level.  You can also give us a call at 474-3621 or return this form in person to our office at 23 Commercial Street in Skowhegan.