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The history of hardwood rule manufacturing at Skowhegan Wooden Rule Co., Inc. began long before 1999. It all started in 1869, when E.T. Lufkin founded the E. T. Lufkin Board and Log Rule Company in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1883, the Lufkin Company moved to Saginaw, Michigan. In 1951, Lufkin decided to locate operations near the best sources of raw materials for their products. So they purchased the Anson Stick Company in North Anson, Maine. The hard maple harvested in Maine’s northern forests was considered superior and by the mid-1960s, Lufkin had consolidated all wooden rule manufacturing operations there. the Meisner family, purchased the Anson plant from Cooper Industries in 1999, primarily to obtain the sawmill and kilns to produce wood for other manufacturing facilities in Maine. Included in the sale was all of the equipment and the process instructions required to produce the discontinued Lufkin products.

On the day the sale was finalized and in the weeks that followed, a number of distributors and industrial customers contacted us. They asked that we continue to manufacture flatwood rules, lip rules, and “L” squares. Demand appeared small but consistent. We decided to gradually rebuild rule manufacturing and the Skowhegan Wooden Rule Co. Inc., was formed to promote and market these products. The rule tips, lips, fittings, and fasteners are still all solid brass and the graduations, numbers, and markings are engraved into the wood (not printed on it) and blackened by hand to last a lifetime. Finally, each rule is carefully finished to bring out the beauty and personality of the wood.

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