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Kamama Reiki Center

WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS….. WooHoo…. Be sure to come see us right behind the Big Indian in Skowhegan ( 77 Madison Avenue, Skowhegan, Maine ). If you are using the GPS, it will tell you “You have reached your destination” and you will look around and ask, “Where?” We are the driveway right after the gas station, as you start up Madison Avenue. The office sets back away from the road, up on a little hill and most people don’t even know the building is there. It is quiet, peaceful and the energy there is relaxing.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone and getting this much needed business off the ground. Just contact us for more information and we can get you started on your journey with Reiki, whether that be having regular Reiki sessions or learning the art of Energy Healing. The benefits are amazing in every area of your life. Whether you decide to work with people, animals or both, you will find a whole new world awaits you.

Please stop in our FaceBook page often, as we are just getting it off the ground and will be adding more, as we go along. We will be offering specials, events, and a special spot for testimonials from those who come to us. We are looking into starting a “Reiki Circle” at the office sometime soon. We’d like to have other healing people join in and work together to strengthen and support each other in whatever type of energy work they do. There are so many different modalities of energy work and bringing them all together will be fun and informative for everyone. Having a “like minded” support group is hard to find but a truly amazingly powerful thing. We are looking forward to getting this off the ground as well. We can all learn from each other, encourage each other and give support when it is needed most. It’s an exciting time and we are definitely looking forward to it.

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77 Madison Avenue, Skowhegan, ME, USA